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Galicia [English translation]
Galicia [English translation]
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Galicia [English translation]

Before the dawn, nothing can be heard on the other side

Under the veil of the fog I hear the ratlling of the Eight Cossack regiment

And the frosting is camouflaging my coat through the night

Under the fallen elm.

I will send this letter from the spite

I know, name and the address are unknown

Until the stupid postman doesn't figure out

Who is the one waiting for the news from the battlefield

Just so you know, this photo shows

seemingly tame landscape of the Galicia

but there is no moment of peace, cause we're under the fire

Photographer is the only one who spares the bullets

Oberst wastes the lead like craizy

Photographer on the embarkment very rarely shoots

Along the flooding Vistula soldiers squeeze

Thinking about lands far away

At the dusk, mourning can usually be heard on the other side

A lament of the adjinokaja* like a wounded crane

But it becomes meek when drunk by vodka

Just clear

Under my cap many lions lie

In my dream you make me a white Carnival scarf

And when I hug you from behind all the yarn gets confused

Like a cello

Just so you know, the Moon got caught in the net

The bells of Galicia call for the evening preyer

Please, Heaven, don't take me this for wrong

But you are the only thing I pray to

I will worry, you don't have to worry

For if I wanted, I could have died a hundred times

While Vistula flows, backwards, out of the meaning

and wet flocks depart into distance

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Đorđe Balašević
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