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Liam Gallagher & John Squire Play Entire Self Titled Debut Live
Liam Gallagher & John Squire Play Entire Self Titled Debut Live
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If Liam Gallagher John Squire just want to play their entire new album together (plus a famous cover) and no songs from their illustrious past, theres a few choices you can make as a concertgoer.

But know they are choices.

- You can count your lucky stars that the ornery singer of Oasis and the dynamic psychedelic guitarist of the Stone Roses have really produced ten solid tunes.

- You can be a little sad they didnt play Champagne Supernova, Wonderwall and/or I Wanna Be Adored.

- You can be very upset and write a strongly worded letter, or an emoji-filled tweet.

The problem with being angry at Gallagher and Squire is they are the last people to be told what to do.

You dont think every Tom, Dick, and arry isnt begging Gallaher to get Oasis back together for that gravy train of cash?

And when the guitarists writes lyrics like this from Love You Forever, you quickly realize these two blokes care not for your opinions.

Growing old disgracefully / I got time

So much younger than I used to be / I feel fine

Meanwhile Squire was so disinterested in being a guitar hero, he was painting canvases not that long ago.

The question going into the gig wasnt if they would pad the set with covers, but which ones.

The good news is Liam Gallagher John Squire is quite good and the type of upbeat guitar heavy Brit Pop well suited for a rock show.

Its no wonder its currently topping the charts in the U.K.

If the goal really was to bring in the best bits of Oasis and Stone Roses together, they came far closer to hitting the mark than many would have hoped for.

The March 13 world tour kickoff at the Barrowlands began with Just Another Rainbow which the crowd gleefully sang along with and quickly segued into the catchy Mars to Liverpool.

Alongside Barrie Cadogan (bass), Joey Waronker (drums) and Chris Madden (keyboards), the pair played off each other beautifully with strong vocals from Gallagher and stronger electric guitar from Squire.

I Love You Forever Gallagher SquireThe answer to the question of what cover song(s) would fill up the relatively short show of just the tunes one the album (which NME said, is more imaginative than its title might suggest) is The Rolling Stones Jumping Jack Flash.

Ironically, even though that cover, the last tune in the 50-minute set, is decent enough, its probably the least interesting part of the show, and naturally its getting more attention than the originals.

Maybe thats why they dont want to play any tunes right now from their own past.

The show continues to go on the road in the UK through the end of March and then quick stops in France, Germany, Italy and NYC.

Tickets available on Liams website.

Liam Gallagher and John Squires 2024 First Leg dates:

18th March 2024 – Newcastle, O2 City Hall

20th March 2024 – Manchester, O2 Apollo

21st March 2024 – Manchester, O2 Apollo

23rd March 2024 – Leeds, O2 Academy

25th March 2024 – London, O2 Forum Kentish Town

26th March 2024 – London, Troxy

2nd April 2024 – Paris, Salle Pleye

l4th April 2024 – Berlin, Columbiahalle

6th April 2024 – Milan, Fabrique

11th April 2024 – Brooklyn, Paramount

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