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Tauti [English translation]
Tauti [English translation]
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Tauti [English translation]

Now it looks like my destruction came already

The days of my distress being stirred

When this silence is rubbing

When Death is embracing

Disease, were you brought by the wind

Brought by the wind, chased by air

Descended by the strong cold wind1 of the enemy

Hurled by a spirit

Fade away now the mongrel2 of the demon

Subside you mutt3 of the underworld4

Come out from me disease

Come out disease

Let the maid out from her bind

From infesting stomach of this poor thing

From twirling in the lungs

Feeding on5 the heart

Taking the temples6

Rummaging my spleen

Grubbing my liver

Burning bosom

Fade away now...

Go away to where you came from

Yonder again to skies

Run away nightmare

Away nightmare

So I can be free

Hard to rest with worries

Be one hour without agony

From severe pain

Fade away now...

1. viima is strong cold wind, so only one word in Finnish2. degrading word for a dog3. different degrading word for a dog4. in Finnish mytology, manala is the mythical place were people go after death5. or eating up6. that are in head

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