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Galicia [English translation]
Galicia [English translation]
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Galicia [English translation]

In the view of damn their side is silent.

8. brigade is jingling, hidden under fog.

And whole night long hoar is covering my overcoat

Beside the elm.

For spite, I am gonna send one more letter.

I know, name and address aren't known

Till the stupid postman realize

Who is waiting for a good news from war.


Just know, this photo shows

Lovely landscape of the Galicia.

But we have no peace nor a second, everybody shoots on us,

Only the photographer is skimping the bullets.

Captain is spilling plumb (bullets) like madman.

Photographer on the bank fires off and on.

Soldiers are crouched everywhere around Wisla

And all our minds are far away.

In the view of twilight their side is sorrowed.

Adinokaya (Russian type of harmonic) is sad like wounded crane,

So then it becomes calmed when vodka take the controll over it,


Lions are joying under my cap.

I see you knitting the white shawl in my dream.

And all the yarn got addled when I hugged you from the backside

Like a cello.


Just know, the moon is full.

Galician nightbells are ringing.

Heaven, don't see it as an evil,

But she is the only thing that I am praying for.

I will care, don't you worry.

If I have wanted, I would already have been died hundred times

While the Wisla was flowing

And while wet clusters was flying to far away.

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