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Fina lagana stvar [English translation]
Fina lagana stvar [English translation]
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Fina lagana stvar [English translation]

I wasn't choosing then

Nor where nor what I've been playing

But that is the magic of it

She came and said

"Try, at least once,

to write for me some nice slow song

nice gentle song"

And with two-three chords

since I cannot do it better

song was born

As soon as they heard it,that gentle song,

everyone was singing it and danced gracefully

with that gentle song

The great beast heard me


they realized what gift I have

they offered me heaven's fruit

plenty of money,fame,records

soon I became super-star

Thanks to music, just like a puppet on a string,

I was lead around the world

They said: "He is the one,Wonder child"

But I was just singing the same thing for million times

nice gentle song

Believe or not , I gave interview

for all possible newspaper

Everyone was recording me and expecting me to say

when and where I came up with that brilliant song

Nice gentle song

Some said that I was golden-boy

And some that I am charlatan

And I was loosing my self more and more

When I stooped and thought about it

I took a look at my life

and I said to my self "Go home, my old pal"

I wanted a new life

Red roof in shadow of the elm tree

And my darling...

Wherever I went,I was dreaming about her

Ever since the day she asked me to write

nice gentle song

I wanted to find her right away

and the moment I arrived at the station

I asked about her

Then they said to me

That she got married for some idler

with whom she fall in love while she was dancing

to nice gentle song

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